Looking to take your practice to a whole new level? Aerial Yoga might be the perfect fit! Aerial Yoga can strengthen, balance, lengthen, and grow your practice.

Aerial Yoga Foundations

This aerial yoga class is designed for beginning students or students that would like to review the basic skills needed for aerial yoga. This class will allow you to deepen your practice and move with more fluidity. You will learn to become familiar with how to use the aerial yoga silks as a prop and a balancing tool to further advance your practice. You will be practicing in the air, defying gravity, moving freely, releasing fear, and exploring the evolution of yoga in a three dimensional space.

Aerial Yoga 2

This class is perfect for students that have taken at least two introductory level classes and feel confident and motivated to expand their skills. You will be introduced to more creative inversions and be given the permission to attempt a more varied array of aerial yoga silk poses. This is a flow-style class similar to Aerial Yoga Foundations, but with the addition of more advanced poses and a deeper core strengthening. In this class you should be able to get in and out of basic inversions and wraps without guidance.

Aerial Yoga Restore

In this healing restorative aerial yoga class you will flow through restorative poses that are focused on stretching and decompressing the spine. Years of gravity's pull and spinal compression often wreak havoc on our backs, creating pain that most cannot explain. Inverting can be a natural way of counteracting the pull of gravity. By moving at a slower pace, you will enable your body to open up not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. Honor yourself by strengthening both your body and mind through the supportive props of aerial silk fabrics. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Aerial Jam

Enjoy Inversion Play ! Aerial Yoga Jam is for independent workout time. Students must have prior aerial experience, receive instructor permission, or have attended a minimum of three aerial yoga classes in the past. This is an unstructured aerial jam session, so feel free to show up at any time. An instructor will be present to answer questions. Students are encouraged to work on fine tuning their basic skills and conditioning. This is not a place to learn new skills - just to practice previously learnt skills, or to share the joy of aerial yoga with other students in our community.


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7 Ways Aerial Yoga Will Take Your Workout to the Next Level

A new study from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) found that men and women who did three 50-minute aerial yoga classes a week for six weeks lost an average of two and a half pounds, 2 percent body fat, and about one inch from their waist, all while amping their VO2 max (a measure of fitness) by a whopping 11 percent. In fact, aerial yoga qualifies as a moderate-intensity workout that, at times, can veer into vigorous territory. Though aerial fitness may have started as one of those things that you had to live in New York City or Los Angeles to try, its availability has spread, now it is featured in studios throughout the country.

No skills (or shoes!) required

Let the ACE study test subjects serve as examples: Sixteen randomly selected people, ages 18 to 45, proved you can go into aerial workouts pretty much cold and still get the hang of things. Most aerial yoga studios have classes for first-timers, or a class for those just starting out.

It's one of the best ab workouts around

"A benefit of taking your routine off the ground is that you lose your point of stability; you'll start to engage your core immediately without even realizing it," says Lindsey Duggan, the owner of AIR Aerial Fitness–Los Angeles. “It honestly has been the most effective ab workout I've seen in a while." Indeed, not only did the women in the ACE study trim an inch, but there is also this anecdotal evidence . . . almost all of them commented on “feeling as if their core strength improved dramatically” over six weeks.

You'll flip for the thrill of it

Imagine how much fun it is getting to play acrobat for an hour. Suddenly you're doing gymnastic tricks that you might not normally try without an assist from the suspension silks. The ‘fun factor” is what keeps you going and you don't need research to tell you that if you enjoy your workout, you'll probably do it more often.

Mat poses become easier to master

Been working on your headstand or forearm stand in yoga? Forget kicking up against a wall and consider this: the silk wraps around your body and supports you in certain difficult poses like inversions, giving you the experience of how a pose should feel. In other words, taking a few aerial classes might raise your game in your regular yoga classes as well.

It counts as cardio too

The ACE researchers discovered there would be full-body firming. Study participants increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass, so aerial yoga provides strength-building benefits as well. (Expect to see definition in your shoulders and arms especially). The scientists were surprised at just how cardio intensive this form of yoga can be. At the outset of the study, they didn't necessarily anticipate that the physiological responses to aerial yoga would align with those of other, more traditional forms of cardio exercises, like cycling and swimming but they found that the calorie burn—320 calories in one 50-minute aerial yoga session—is in fact comparable to that of power walking.

It's zero-impact

Whether or not you have knee problems, adding some low- or no-impact workouts is great for you, and aerial classes are exactly that easy on the joints.

You'll walk away feeling Zen

Research shows that mind-body activities can reduce stress, and aerial yoga is no exception. Many classes end with you lying in savasana, cocooned in a hammock as you gently swing from side to side. Talk about blissing out!