Amy - iThrive Yoga InstructorMy name is Amy, and I've been practicing yoga for 16 years. Over the years, I've discovered so many healing aspects of yoga, and continue to seek out ways within my own practice to discover new things about myself, get fresh perspectives on life, and discover ways to both ground myself and detach myself from things I can?t control. I am constantly trying to remember and practice the concept of impermanence, as I believe it is the key to detachment. I decided to get my yoga teaching certification so that I can help guide others on their yoga journey, whatever their intentions might be and wherever they might be in their personal journey.

I completed my 200-hour teaching certification with Sersano Wellness at iThrive Yoga in April 2013, with a focus on hatha yoga, vinyasa flow, and meditation. I have attended various Yoga Journal Conference workshops to expand my knowledge and I make it a priority to practice with different teachers at various studios when possible as a reminder that the possibilities for personal growth within my own practice are endless. I have also been attuned at the Reiki Master level, and believe that everyone and everything in this universe is somehow connected. Everyone brings a unique energy with them to class; yoga can help channel and process that energy to a higher vibrational nature to help transform the physical body.

My teaching philosophy is to make yoga accessible for anyone who opens his or her mind and body to the experience. Although practicing yoga often results in a stronger body and increased physical fitness, my intention as a teacher is more focused on the mind-body experience and the idea that yoga is called a ?practice? because it is a never-ending journey. I believe there is always an opportunity to find new things in even the most basic postures, and I am continually amazed by the power of the mind-body connection that is achieved through breath control.

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