Ania P.

Anna P - iThrive InstructorI began practicing yoga 6 years ago, after my second child was born. Back and neck pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress made life difficult. I had no idea what I was getting into but I gave it a try. Eventually, I realized my yoga practice was a journey, it evolved, pieces started to fall into place and things were happening in their own time. Yoga was a type of therapy for my soul and body. I remember waking up from Savasana, feeling my body tingling, my entire being smiling. That feeling was something I wanted to feel all the time.

Still there are times I step onto my mat tired, anxious, stressed or in pain. As I begin to breathe and move, like magic, worries start to dissipate, strength and presence overpower. Challenges are faced and acknowledged. Stepping off my mat I feel a sense of renewal and healing, ready to live life!

I can truly say that yoga has impacted my life beyond what I ever imagined. I?ve had an opportunity to connect with so many extraordinary people.

I completed my 200hr Power Yoga Training in 2015. Now I am able to share and spread my passion. Seeing my students overcome their thresholds, challenge themselves and grow is an amazing experience to be a part of. As everyone grows in their yoga practice they realize that yoga is a tool, like a super power that they can tap into in every aspect of their lives.

My classes are accessible for everyone. They are challenging and empowering. I believe music is a huge part of the yoga practice. With the rhythm of music we can move more freely and find a moving meditation, syncing our breath with our movement. Most importantly for me yoga is about finding your space within the physical body, as well as the mind. The presence we experience in yoga can impact our lives immensely.

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