Leap of Faith

That is a story I've been telling myself ever since I bumbled my 10 year old, 5'6" body into a gymnastics class at the local community center. If you knew me back then, you could picture the ridiculousness of that notion. I was a head taller than the teacher, and I was afraid to do a somersault. ... Read more »

10 Ways to Enhance Your Time on the Mat

For many of us, just getting to the studio is a victory. You find a sacred slice of time in a hectic day, pull on some yoga pants, and jump in the car. Once you're there, you likely want to make the most of your time. Here are 10 ways (in no particular order) to get more out of your yoga practice on the mat ... Read more »

Sthira Sukham Asanam

I've always been a good student. Becoming a teacher didn't change that. Whatever subject I'm teaching is usually the one that I am studying the most. Therefore my shelves are full of books on music history, music theory, poetry, writing, and – of course – yoga. Yoga books about anatomy (lots of those); yoga books on hip openers, forward folds, and ... Read more »

Practice with Purpose

A well balanced and intentional yoga practice can leave you stronger, and you might feel more at home in your own skin; maybe you develop confidence or the willingness to try new things and deepen your practice. Perhaps you cultivate patience, and you become more mindful and aware of the moment. Falling on your face a few times in Crow Pose may giv ... Read more »

Mental Blocks (and Straps)

Using props in class isn't a sign of weakness. Props help you find appropriate depth, alignment, and can strengthen as well. ... Read more »


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