Shirley Brandland, Licensed Massage Therapist

iThrive Yoga Instructor Shirley BrandlandI have practiced massage full time in Parker since 1996. I've established a reputation for deep specific and corrective work, but I have many clients who like a very light touch. Over the years I've continued to study and have trained in neuro muscular, myofascia release, Thai stretching, trauma, cranio sacral therapy, Swedish, neo natal and hospice.

Massage is tied deeply to the nervous system, and my being present and ability to sense what is going on is paramount. While I began to meditate thirty years ago, I have continued to study and practice meditation and embodiment practice trying to help others discover this tool. I have trained with Jon Kabit-Zinn (mindful based stress reduction), study embodiment with Susan Aposhyan, who taught at Naropa for years and is a world renown author and teacher. I practice and do retreats with The Dharma Sangha group out of Crestone, Colorado.

Phone: 720-350-1805

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