Beth, Studio Founder, Instructor

Beth, Studio OwnerElizabeth has been a resident of Parker since 1995. She is the mother of two children, and is a successful Financial Planner.

In 2007 she started practicing yoga to heal an injury and in 2011 she started her dream of building a private yoga studio here in Parker ... Learn more »

Addison, E-RYT 500

AddisonI am a passionate Yoga Instructor that creates space for people to find freedom from within by finding their own personal balance between the mind and body. With the belief that we are all happy at our core, I have found yoga to be an amazing tool to help attain and hold on to happiness. My classes focus on keeping good alignment and controlling the breath. With ... Learn more »


Amy - iThrive Yoga InstructorI've discovered so many healing aspects of yoga, and continue to seek out ways within my own practice to discover new things about myself, get fresh perspectives on life, and discover ways to both ground myself and detach myself from things I can't control. I am constantly trying to remember and practice the concept of impermanence, ... Learn more »


Andi Bruno - iThrive Yoga InstructorAndi loves to teach mixed-level classes that afford both beginners and more advanced students the opportunity to work at their own levels. Her classes combine precise instruction with individualized attention and gentle humor. Her students work hard, make progress and have fun. Andi is a certified yoga teacher. She has had a regula ... Learn more »

Ania P.

Ania P - iThrive InstructorI began practicing yoga 6 years ago, after my second child was born. Back and neck pain, insomnia, anxiety and stress made life difficult. I had no idea what I was getting into but I gave it a try. Eventually, I realized my yoga practice was a journey, it evolved, pieces started to fall into place and things wer ... Learn more »


BeckyBecky went through teacher training in 2008 and has been passionate about sharing the amazing benefits of yoga since. While many of her classes here are challenging, she caters to the body and teaches to the students in the room, offering many different options along the way. Her gift is challenging the body physically while aiding the students in cultivating no ... Learn more »


Daniel Taylor - iThrive Yoga InstructorI was born and raised in Colorado, and have an extensive back ground in resistance strength training. I found love at first sight when practiced Yoga in November of 2015. The euphoric sensation of matching breathe with movement quickly became an addiction. Just two months later I was enrolled in a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training an ... Learn more »

Debra, RYT 200, RYT 500, ERYT 500

DebraDebra loves moving babies to music, they are such natural yogis. Just imagine the poses we could achieve if we had practiced yoga from infancy. Weaving yoga stories based on the asanas about animals, plants, shapes in nature and sages into her practice is one of Debra’s specialties. Debra’s style is lighthearted Vinyasa. Debra is a certified birth doula ... Learn more »


Jessy - yoga instructorJessy fell in love with yoga after a spinal fusion in 2012. Yoga made her stronger and able to go back to doing all the things she loved. She wanted to share the power of yoga with others so became certified in early 2015. ... Learn more »


JordanJordan built his own practice on the foundations of using his mat as a space to explore physically, mentally, and spiritually. He did his 200-hour training through Corepower Yoga and has continued his yoga education since that time. ... Learn more »


JoanieJoanie has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2006. Her certification involved over 600 hours of study enabling her to teach the Pilates Studio repertoire. This includes mat as well as equipment.

She recently attained a Yoga 1 certification through AAAI. She loves teaching ... Learn more »


iThrive Yoga Instructor - Laura HeldLaura's love for yoga grew out of a desire to calm the mind, relax the body and find a release from the day-to-day stress that comes along with living a busy life. "Realizing that we can create peace within our bodies and carry that peace with us throughout the day, off of our mats and into our lives, is a beautiful gift that no one ca ... Learn more »

Megan - RYT200

Megan H - yoga instructorMegan is a Colorado transplant, originally from south-eastern
Pennsylvania, where she was born and raised in the country before living
outside Philadelphia for 11 years. She is an iThrive teacher training
graduate (RYT200), and a certifying birth doula. ... Learn more »

Melissa, E-RYT

MelissaMy name is Melissa, E-RYT 200. I earned my first 200 hour certificate and started training teaching Yoga in 2004. I finished my second 200 hour training in 2011.

I've attended multiple yoga workshops and immersions for continuing education and continuall ... Learn more »


MonaMona is an internationally-based Health Coach and Pilates instructor. She was certified and worked for many years in the Pure Body Movements pilates studio in Munich, Germany. After gaining great knowledge and insight working under the owner, she opened a studio near Frankfurt, Germany.

After 13 years in Germany, she recently relocated to Parker, Colorado ... Learn more »

Rebecca Jo

RebeccaInspired by the rhythms of the natural world, Rebecca Jo guides her students into their own innate patterning through practices of breath awareness, supportive movement and meditation. Within each class she emphasizes the need to slow down and create a space for oneself that isboth comforting and sacred. ... Learn more »


Sarah - iThrive Yoga instructorSarah, raised in Boulder, Colorado, began her yoga journey at a very young age. Fascinated by the linkage of breath and movement in Vinyasa, she dove deep into her own personal practice to search for ways of cultivating energy through her every inhale and exhale. What incredible power we have in something we sometimes consider so subconscious, our breath! Yoga is th ... Learn more »


iThrive Yoga Instructor ShirleyI have practiced massage full time in Parker since 1996. I've established a reputation for deep specific and corrective work, but I have many clients who like a very light touch. Over the years I've continued to study and have trained in neuro muscular, myofascia release, Thai stretching, trauma, cranio sacral therapy, Swedish, neo n ... Learn more »


SusanSusan began her inquiry into yoga as a practice of gathering mind/heart into present centered body awareness, in her early twenties. At that time her teachers were books and women elders in the dawning yoga community.  She was especially inspired by the women, and their vitality and inherent youthfulness.

Because the yoga com ... Learn more »


Todd - Yoga InstructorTodd guides others in building skills for living consciously, assisting people in discovering their True Aim in life, and how to access a life of excellence that is unique, fulfilling, and passionate. He is a teacher's teacher who until recently was not accessible to the general public. Todd teaches advanced life coaching concepts and skills to profes ... Learn more »

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