Susan Susan began her inquiry into yoga as a practice of gathering mind/heart into present centered body awareness, in her early twenties. At that time her teachers were books and women elders in the dawning yoga community.  She was especially inspired by the women, and their vitality and inherent youthfulness.

Because the yoga community in America was just emerging, she found herself practicing solo most of the time.   Over the following twenty years her practice and study waxed and waned, when at last she discovered Ashtanga yoga. Here, she experienced the purifying quality of rigorous group asana practice.

Her opportunities to study with eminent teachers expanded in 2008 when she entered Spirit Rock’s eighteen month long Mindfulness Yoga and Meditation Training Program.   Since that time she has continued to study, practice, and teach the integration of yoga asana and mindfulness meditation. This practice provides a deep awareness into one’s body, breathe, and mind/heart… while easily moving through and holding classical yoga postures.  The intention is that practitioners experience their own true nature within their everyday lives… their nature of connectedness, wonder, joy, and ease.

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